Help! I’m Melting!

Kiki stripped down to her underwear for our 7 a.m. walk in the scorching heat

It’s the 24th consecutive day the temperature has been over 100 in Austin– an all time record.  It’s the 56th triple digit day this year.  We haven’t seen rain in 48 days.

The good news: it’s hot enough to bake chocolate chip cookies on your dashboard.  For real – read the recipe at a Perfect Insane.

We braved the record-breaking heat this morning to attend story time at Barnes and Noble with Mr. George.

Why didn’t we go swimming?  You ask.  Shouldn’t we take advantage of the warm weather: playing in the pool, splashing at the sprinkler pad, or running through the sprinklers?  After six months of air conditioning and pools, the thought of changing the kids into swim diapers, swimsuits, and lathering them down with sunscreen makes my toes curl.

Nevertheless, I wasn’t the only mom trying to escape the sweltering heat and pee-warm pools this morning.  Story time was packed!  Bunder, Kiki, and I sat in the middle of the group.  When I say “sat”, I mean I sat while wrestling Kiki away from eating every book and coercing Bunder to stop jumping off the six inch stage, stop lying down on top of other people, and stop trying to touch the African American girl’s hair.

Yes, Kiki actually EATS books: she likes to chew and suck on books until she pulls off something to swallow – totally gross.  Taking her to a bookstore is like taking Warren Jeffs to an elementary school in Utah.

Just when I’m ready to gather the troops and raise the white flag, Mr. George began singing and playing his ukulele.  I’m certain Tinkerbelle hovered above us sprinkling magic, pixie dust, because the kids were mesmerized.  Mr. George cast his enchanting spell and all around the room children nestled into the carpet (except for Bunder who kept shouting out his narration of the event, “Mommy, a tree, a tree, Mommy!”  or “Mommy, an adigator, an adigator, Mommy!”  Now a days, the word “Mommy” bookends Bunder’s thoughts.  It reminds me of this clip from Family Guy.

Just yesterday during one of my short, accompanied bathroom breaks, I finished the article The Secrets of Happy Families by Shawn Bean in the Parenting Early Years magazine.  I tried to take Shawn’s advice and be present in the Mr. George story time moment.  I snuggled Kiki in close, nuzzled her neck, and smiled joyfully at Bunder while hushing his millionth “Mommy” of the morning.  I expanded my view to appreciate all the merry, happy children obviously enjoying Mr. George’s antics.

My blissful moment vanished as I observed at least half of the moms plugged into their mobile devices.  Before I became too overwhelmed in judgment, I asked myself, “If Kiki hadn’t mistaken my iPhone for a book two days ago, would I be one of those moms aimlessly checking my e-mail instead of appreciating this lovely moment?”

Like Shawn talks about – the days we spend with our young children can be very, VERY long, but the years go by fast.   We need to stop and smell the baby skin a little more often.  At least, that’s what I’m vowing to do.

What about you?  Have you had any blissful moments with your offspring lately?


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