Texas Wildfires – Too Close for Comfort

Within the past month, I read an article in Parenting magazine on preparing a family emergency kit.  The author wrote about spending $350 on her family’s kit.  At the time, I thought, “Really?  What is the likelihood an emergency kit will ever be used?”

That’s the funny thing about karma.  After dismissing the idea of preparing an emergency kit for my family, we ALMOST needed one.  Thank God for “almost” and prayers for those families that lost loved ones, homes, pets, and belongings in the recent fires across central Texas.

one of the homes lost Monday night in our town

On Sunday morning, Bunder, Kiki, and I drove past a small grass fire on our way into our subdivision.  I called 911, and the operator assured me they had already dispatched units.  I could barely see any evidence of flames, just a small cloud of smoke rolling off the grass in a field – maybe 3 feet wide by 6 feet high at the time.  We listened as the fire trucks raced to the scene.

For those unaware, this past weekend central Texas experienced rare conditions perfect for wildfires – incredibly low humidity mixed with high winds.

The firefighters contained this fire rather quickly – only two homes were lost and two others damaged.  Keep in mind, the news reported the firefighters were on the scene in six minutes from the first 911 call.  In six minutes, the fire grew from a small flame to engulfing a field and multiple homes.

On Monday evening, a fire broke out two miles from our home.  This fire caused over 500 evacuations.  The news reported due to high winds the fires were very difficult to control and predict.  Mister and I discussed what we do and what we would take if evacuating became necessary.  I guarantee I didn’t plan to have that conversation with my husband Monday night during Bachelor Pad.

This fire burned 300 acres, destroyed eleven homes, and damaged eight others.

Today I started preparing an emergency kit.  Do you have an emergency kit for your family with everything you need in case of a natural disaster?

For more information on the fires in Central Texas including how to donate, click here.

a family picking through the remains of their home


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