The Renaissance Man

My son’s a genius.

I know, I know.  Every parent thinks this.  Trust me, I taught elementary school for a number of years.   I KNOW every parent thinks this, but this is different.  My son really IS a genius.  (I can see grandma’s head nodding up and down as she reads this mumbling, “Yes, yes, he is a genius.”)

All right, I’m only joking.  I know two year olds that can’t resist touching dog poop can’t be classified as intellects.  Nevertheless, he is a renaissance man.

He invented a word -just created it – out of nowhere.  It’s the perfect word.  Never in the history of the English language has such a word existed.  I’m not sure how it’s spelled, because – well – Bunder doesn’t spell… YET.  Next month, we’ll start weekly spelling lists.  This month he’s working on not picking up dog poop or walking through it or touching it when it’s on his shoes especially after his mother has asked him THIRTEEN times to “Please, don’t touch your shoes – you just walked through dog poop!”

I didn’t know telling him that was like the waiter telling you your plate’s hot.  What’s the first thing you do?  Touch it.

Where was I?  Oh, yes, Bunder, the renaissance man, invented the BEST WORD EVER.


Maybe it’s two words or three.  I’m not really sure.  That’s just the pronunciation of it.  Try it, say it out loud.  It’ll put a smile on your face.


It reminds me of a card from Mad Gab.  The best part is – it doesn’t have a translation.  Who-new-hiney is just that “who-new hiney.”  It’s not like Bunder’s other fun words, “zumic” for music and “alligator” for elevator.


Bunder uses his new word at least 150 times a day.  He’s working hard to incorporate it into the family’s vocabulary.

So far, he’s used it as an interjection as in “WHO-NEW-HINEY!  Look at that poop!”

It’s also a noun as in, “Ooooh.  Don’t touch the candle or I’ll burn my who-new-hiney!  Right, Mommy?”

Sometimes it’s a verb, “Look at me, I’m who-new-hineying to the potty!”

Just yesterday, he used it as an adjective, “Emma Lu-lu, I like you’re who-knew-hiney fur.”

This is one of the best parts of parenting – invented words.  Cleaning butts, picking up toys, washing dishes for the millionth time – all seems worth it when I hear those one (or two or three) sweet words.


The Ren Man will only eat his eggs green - he has a very refined palate.

Look at that who-new-hiney! No, it's not poop - it's chocolate pudding. She's finger painting for the first time.


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