The Call of the Pumpkin

I awoke this morning to the pumpkin patch calling my name.  “What is that like?”  you ask. When the pumpkin patch calls my name?

Is it some sort of deep, emotional longing for crisp, cool, autumn days spent on the farm amongst the smell of cut hay and drying corn?

Not exactly.  Though, I do miss the vibrant colors of the leaves, the golden corn, and the green grass of the Midwest.

Is it fond childhood memories of climbing hay bales in the field and running through rustling leaves, while chasing a kitten?

Not quite.  Nonetheless, I did enjoy watching Bunder do those very things while visiting the farm in October.

No.  The pumpkin patch call sounds something like this…

“Mommy, let’s go to the pumpkin patch today.  Okay, Mommy?”

Two hours, two meals, one nap, three diaper changes, three potty breaks later, Kiki, Bunder, and I loaded the car for a grand adventure to the pumpkin patch.  (When I say, we loaded the car, you know I really mean I made multiple trips to the car with the diaper bag, snacks, drinks, children, and potty-chair.  No way am I taking Bunder into a port-a-potty!  Not to mention -what would I do with Kiki while we were in there?  Ask a stranger to watch her?)

The hour-long drive seemed to fly by, especially with Bunder’s excitement and constant chatter, “We’re going to a pumpkin patch, Mommy!  We’re gonna eat pumpkins.  I’m so excited!”

I have no idea where he got the whole – eating pumpkins thing.  I guess adventures are more fun with food.

Pumpkins as far as the eye can see.  (Notice the lack of crowds – glorious, glorious Tuesday morning at the pumpkin patch!)

Bunder wasted no time.  He started work immediately.

Don’t you know picking up pumpkins, carrying them, dropping them near your sister, and scaring your mom are very important jobs!

Notice the fish lips.  He’s in deep concentration.  I’m telling you it’s hard work!

I know you’re all thinking – what kind of fall outfits are these?  Well, it’s tricky to find fall clothing suitable for  76 degree weather.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining!  It was a gorgeous day.

Kiki’s sophiscated over-the-shoulder pumpkin pose.

That’s right, Bunder!  You have a whole truck of pumpkins to unload.

I like goats and all, but SERIOUSLY what’s with the overabundance of goats in Texas?

Of course, no pumpkin patch would be complete without a 16-day-old baby donkey.

It’s hard to see, but that’s Kiki licking the baby donkey’s nose.  She just loves to give open-mouth kisses.

What’s the point of being a stay-at-home mom if once in awhile I can’t blow an entire day with a fun outing like this?  Maybe next time, I’ll figure out how I can use the bathroom.

My two pumpkins.


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3 responses to “The Call of the Pumpkin

  • Regina

    And on the bathroon note. I have actually taken everyone into the porta-potty with me. Gross…Nasty…you name it, but sometimes you just have to go.

    • Mother Ruckus

      Regina, luckily I was in the country. I knew my options were a ditch on a back road or two toddlers touching everything inside a port-a-potty. So glad, I made it back home. You’re right, though! Sometimes you just have to go!

  • Liz

    GREAT photos! I love your little girl’s over-the-shoulder glamour pose… and Bunder’s heavy-lifting facial expression (worthy of a magazine publication somewhere). As for the donkey pose, how cute…. but how gross!

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