Bunder is sitting motionless in front of the TV watching Polar Express for the first time.  Kiki’s bouncing up and down on her knees to “Hot!  Hot!  Ooooh!  We got it!  Hot Chocolate!”  Mister is lying between the two of them equally mesmerized.  He took a day off from work.  We decided to end it with a bang – a movie on the living room floor with pizza and popcorn.

Kiki bounces around eating off everyone’s plate, laughing at loud scenes, and elated to be doing something as bizarre as eating supper on a blanket.

I remind Bunder to eat and still have to nudge him to take a bite.  It seems he can’t bear to pull his eyes from the screen.  He drinks a few gulps of his milk and eggnog concoction.

I feel full and satisfied with pizza and a glass of wine.  I inhale and exhale deeply.  Who knew Christmas cheer smelt like pizza and popcorn?  Who knew a movie could elicit such deep nostalgia for the innocence of childhood?

For all those scrooges and truth bearers out there, I have something to say.  SANTA IS REAL.  Maybe not in a concrete, sit on his lap at the mall sort of real, but in a REAL spirit of doing good for others without expecting anything in return and loving unconditionally (even those difficult to love).

Perhaps we all could use a little more Polar Express Santa and a lot less scary guy on top of the train.  (Seriously, what’s the point of that creepy character?)

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