D for Delayed

A few things I just don’t get:

1) why Bunder calls white items “vanilla” (yesterday he said, “Mommy, I’ll go potty on my froggy potty and you go potty on your vanilla potty.”  Yummm… a vanilla potty),

2)  Kim Kardashian’s 72 day marriage (this one I’m researching by watching Kim and Khloe take New York on the E channel),

3)  Antimatter Retrocausality,

4)  why parents of third graders are dissatisfied with “B’s” on their children’s report cards.

Several times b.c. (before children), I remember hearing, “when you have children of your own someday, you’ll understand.”

Well, now it is someday a.c. (after children), and I still don’t understand number four.

As a third grade teacher, I was amazed at parents expecting nothing less than perfect performance from their eight or nine year old child.  In those situations, I always stressed the areas the child was demonstrating exemplary work and reminded parents a “B” translates to “above average.”

I remember one mom telling me, “’B’s’ are NOT acceptable in our house.”

I thought she must have misunderstood me.  I said, “a ‘B’ as in ball not a ‘D’ as in doll.”

She said, “I know you said ‘B”, and anything less than an ‘A’ is not good enough.”

Well, if Kiki was assigned a letter grade for walking, she’d get a ‘D’ as in delayed, deferred, dawdled.  Do you think I’m disappointed, depressed, or dissatisfied?  Absolutely not!  I love her unconditionally.  As much as I would have liked her to walk at an earlier age – say around a year like her brother, I love her no matter what.  My love isn’t based on her abilities or her performance, and I swear I will never send such a message to my children by chastising them over a “B” on their report cards.  (If you disagree with me, please see “Unconditional Parenting” by Alfie Kohn).

For the longest time, Kiki’s been taking two or three steps here or there, between pieces of furniture, what have you.  But she hasn’t seemed interested in walking any farther – until Christmas Eve.  She just turned away from the couch and walked across the room like no biggie.  As if to say, “Yeah.  I knew I could walk all along.  I just liked the suspense of making you wait.”

She’s been walking ever since.  And IT IS GLORIOUS.  I love watching her.  Maybe you will too.


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