Is Forever Enough?

Bunder spills his bowl of cereal on himself, the chair, and the floor only after I’ve asked him three times to stop playing and eat.

“A shower!  A shower!  Mommy, I need a shower!” Bunder cries as he stands on the floor in the midst of Rice Krispies and milk.

“You don’t need a shower.  You just need a change of clothes.”

I strip him down, grab a clean shirt from the laundry basket of not-yet-folded clothes, and start to clean the mess.  I hand Bunder a paper towel with instructions to help.

We work together to pick up stray cereal bits and pools of milk.  With Bunder’s booster seat in the kitchen sink, I sit down to finish my breakfast noticing my toast and coffee are both cold.  Two bites and one swallow later I hear, “Mommy, I have to go poop!  Turn the light on, Mommy!”

“Yea!  It’s time to go poop!” I feign excitement as I race Bunder to the bathroom.

Minutes later, I finish cleaning the breakfast dishes and check on Kiki and Bunder playing in her room.  As I approach, a gnarly stench emits from the room, “Oh, boy!  Kiki, you’ve got a stinky diaper!”

She hurries behind the big rocker trying to hide, whining to let me know she wants no part of a diaper change.  “I’m sorry, honey, but we’ve got to clean you up!”

I groan as I see the diaper blowout: up her back, down both legs, through three layers of clothes.  “Looks like we need a bath, little lovey,” I comment to Kiki as I clean her as best I can with wipes before carting her to the bathroom.

As I bathe her, I think about yesterday’s peaceful, serene drive to church.  Mister stayed home with Bunder and his cough, so Kiki and I had a girls’ date to St. John.  She fell asleep in the car, as we listened to the lullaby playlist I made for Bunder when he was still in utero.

I start to sing one of the songs, Lullaby by the Dixie Chicks:

They didn’t have you where I come from      

Never knew the best was yet to come

Life began when I saw your face

And I hear your laugh like a serenade.


How long do you want to be loved?

Is forever enough?  Is forever enough? 

How long do you want to be loved?

Is forever enough?

Cause I’m never, never giving you up.

Kiki asleep in the car on our way to church



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