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Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Because traumatizing poor Kiki with Santa Claus isn’t sufficient, I took her to see the Easter Bunny.  I thought it’d be a good test of her tolerance of adults wearing large, ominous costumes.  See her reaction below.

See Bunder's cheesy grin

Prior to placing her on the Easter Bunny’s lap, I asked her, “Kiki, will you sit on the Easter Bunny?”

She clung to me, shook her head no, and verbalized a very distinct negative.  I asked, “Will you stand next to the Easter Bunny?”

She shook her head vehemently and again answered, “NO!”

Therefore, I did what every other cold-hearted, holiday loving, picture craving mother does.  I ripped her from my arms, placed her kicking and screaming on the bunny’s lap, and danced behind the photographer cheering, “SMILE!”

I know I’m not winning any mother-of-the-year awards.  However, I think she’ll thank me when she’s older and has a funny picture to show her boyfriend.

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Merry Christmas to All!

Nothing says Christmas more than a screaming Santa photo.

Kiki and Bunder visiting Santa

Could my two children be any more different?  Kiki cried until I took her away from Santa.  Bunder cried because he didn’t want to leave Santa.

Merry (indeed) Christmas!

Turkey Trot Race Report

When Kiki, Bunder, and I walk around the neighborhood or at the park, Bunder loves to run.  I know he’s ran/walked over two miles at times.  So naturally, when Mister and I signed up for the Turkey Trot in Austin on Thanksgiving Day, we decided to enter Bunder in the children’s 1K race.  “It’ll be our new family tradition.”  “He’ll love it!” we said.  “He’ll have so much fun!”

The only fun he had was driving home watching Toy Story in the car.  21,000 people entered the race and I swear half of them had children in the kids’ race.

On the drive into the city, Mister agreed to run with Bunder while I held Kiki and videotaped.  After finding a parking spot, we quickly unloaded the car and took off for the kids’ starting line.  Mister and Bunder found a spot in the starting chute, while Kiki and I set up camp in between the start and finish lines.  The racecourse looked like a horseshoe.

From my vantage point, everything looked great.  Bunder smiled at the start as he trotted past and had a determined expression as he approached the finish.

Once at home, we called many family members to wish them a “Happy Thanksgiving.”  Bunder, being two and a half, had to talk to everyone and tell them about his race.  His story went something like this, “I ran a race.  Yeah, I cried a lot.”

Mister and I kept whisking the phone away, “No, he had fun.  Really, Grandma.  I’m not sure why he said he cried.”

I’ll let you see for yourselves.  Bunder’s first ever Turkey Trot.

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